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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions we receive most often. Please contact us if we haven't answered your question.

Are your storage trailers and storage boxes strong?
YES! All storage units have14-gauge corrugated steel sides, 14-gauge steel roofs, 14-gauge steel cam-locking double doors and 1-1/8" thick wood floors.

How much space is needed for delivery?
A 20' storage container needs approximately 75' of straight clearance. For a 40' storage container, approximately 100' straight clearance. Width requirement is approximately 10'.

How do you deliver a storage box?
We use either a tilt-bed truck and/or tilt-bed trailer. When the trailer is raised, the portable storage container slides off to rest on one end. The truck/trailer pulls out straight from under the container. It's that quick and simple.

How much site preparation is required?
We can deliver on concrete, paving, asphalt, gravel, grass, firm-packed dirt. To deliver your portable storage container, all we need are the directions-and a reasonably level, firm, smooth surface.

How quickly can you deliver after my order is placed?
We normally deliver as quickly as 24-48 hours. If you need something sooner, please call us.

What type of payment is required on delivery?
We accept checks, cash, Visa and MasterCard. The first and last months payment is required upon delivery. We will bill you each month thereafter. 

Can shelves be installed in my storage container?
Yes. We can install interior shelving high or low, wrap-around, along one side-just tell us what you need.

How safe are your containers?
All storage trailers and boxes have four cam rods and four padlock hasps. You are responsible for providing the locks for your storage unit.

How far do you deliver?
We deliver to Maryland, Delaware, and parts of Pennsylvania. Please contact us for more information on our delivery area.

Are your portable storage containers weatherproof?
Yes. Before a storage container or container office leaves our yard, it must pass our thorough inspection.  

What if my container needs repair in future?
We will maintain your storage box or storage trailer throughout the rental period. If you need maintenance, call us and we'll be there. Regular maintenance repairs are at no cost to you.  

What if I want to move the container later?
We can move your container at any time. All storage containers are fully portable; however, certain weight restrictions do apply.